A medium is one with whom spirits communicate directly. In an earlier, simpler but more dramatic age, a good medium would produce voices or apports, ring bells, float or move things across a darkened room, produce automatic writing or ectoplasm.

Today's Medium relies mostly on contacting spirits through mental thought. They hear the voices of the dead and can transfer messages to family and friends. Most people are unaware that a medium does not get completed sentences or images. The medium has to interpret what he or she sees or hears. It is entirely possible for a medium to interpret wrong.

What most people see on Television or read in books has been edited to leave out the many times a medium has been inaccurate. This is not to say that mediums are frauds, but even the most psychic person is not psychic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I disagree with the idea of people making money off of being Psychic, Mediums or anyone who claims to communicate with the dead.

The truly gifted people do not need to exploit people for money. Mediums are hit and miss, sometimes the information they give is right on and helpful, then other times the reading does not apply to you.

Remember also that most people go to a medium with a preconceived notion on who they are going to contact, so they want to believe and piece info together. It is in human nature to fit a story to match your situation, E.G.,

James Randi did an experiment where he gave a classroom or college students a sheet of paper with a horoscope on it, He had everyone read it and asked "Anyone who believes this horoscope pertains to them raise your hand." 29 out of 30 people raised their hand. James Randi went on to say that all 30 sheets of paper had exactly the same horoscope on it.

There are true mediums out there and the good ones don't need to charge hundreds of dollars to get an appointment with them. It is good to be open minded but beware of people who will take advantage of you for being open-minded. Don't be afraid to question a medium or elaborating on the info they have received.