Near Death Experience



Near Death Experiences 

Near Death Experiences - NDE's

    In a Near Death Experience the soul  leaves the physical body suddenly and  unexpectedly usually after a major trauma - heart seizure,drowning,automobile accident, illnesses, problems in surgery, suicide, or severe allergic reactions. It is at that moment the soul is released from the physical body.

This is what most people refer to as an 'After Death Experience'.

Some people report that they are above their physical bodies looking down or traveling through a bright tunnel toward a source of white light. 

Sometime a  meeting with a deceased relative, angel or even a religious being (Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed) occurs. Seeing one's life pass before their eyes, sometimes in order called life review, acute awareness, a feeling of timelessness, and intense emotions is usually reported.

Most NDEs are positive but rarely negative experiences do occur. Upon awakening the near death experiencer may return with unusual abilities previously unknown to them. Some of these include: seeing auras and other related paranormal abilities, awareness of science and other technologies regarding time and space, change in personality and spiritual transformations.

In what seems like a long period of time to the soul, though perhaps only several seconds or minutes in our linear time, the soul may get to review what will happen to it should it return. There are always the physical ailments that may or may not heal. Then there are those that would be left behind to consider. As linear time does not exist in other than our 3rd dimensional reality, the soul will often ponder it's choices.

Sometimes a soul will come back even if it does not want to as it has issues to work out. Usually that soul will consider this a second chance and become more spiritual in the remaining time it has here on earth. many of these souls have gone on to write about NDE's to help others understand what is going on, on the other side.

Many believe that have returned because they have been chosen to do something spiritual for the planet. Most people who return do have a more spiritual slant on life. After all they have faced the other side and should return on a higher frequency and with more knowledge. Some go on to become healers or helpers.

This is similar to dream time wherein some people wake up and remember events on the other side - while others have no memory of anything.


The media has given much publicity to NDE for many years. It is just another way for souls to remember their connection to Source.

Some of the information in this article was taken from For more info on Near Death Experiences visit Crystalinks.